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Charter of use of the personal data

Definition of the used terms in the following chart

Will be designed by the following:

«Site» or «Service»: the website https://www.iflyinnovation.com, including all the composing pages.

«Editor» : the company Walt’Air Solutions, responsible for editing and website content https://iflyinnovation.com.

«User»: anyone visiting and using the services from the site: https://www.iflyinnovation.com.

Introduction and purpose of the chart

The current chart aims at informing you about the responsibility of the site https://www.iflyinnovation.com, regarding your privacy, and the protection of your personal data collected and processed during your use of the service.

By registering on the site, you are accountable to provide us with real and true information about you. The communication of any wrong, incorrect or misleading data is in violation with the General Conditions present on the site. You have the possibility, at any time, to request at https://www.iflyinnovation.com., in order to be informed on the information of yours collected by the site, to opposed the use of this information, to modify them, or to delete them, by contacting the director of publishing at : info@walt-air.fr

Collected Data on the site

The collected and further processed data in the website, are those freely and willingly provided by the user, when filling in various forms throughout the website. For some of the operations on the content, you can be subject to provide us with information concerning yourself to third parties through their own services. We will not dispose from these data, their collection and processing being handled by these relevant third parties. We invite you to carefully consult their conditions before submit any of your personal information.

Your IP address (identification number, attributed on the Internet to your computer) is automatically collected. You are informed that the service can trigger an automatic tracking process (cookie), which you can refuse by modifying your browser parameters, as explained in the general conditions of this site. The users information will be saved, in respect with the freedom and liberty law of January 6th’ 1978. In accordance with this law’ the users have the right to access, collect, withdraw, or modify the provided data. In order to proceed, the user will have to send a request to: info@walt-air.fr.

The data collection of members by the editor is declare at the French institution in charge of ensuring the privacy of personal data in internet (la Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés – CNIL) under registration number: 1892165.

Purpose of collected data

The identified data being mandatory in the forms, are used in order to benefit of all the relevant functionalities of the site, and specifically from the operation on the content offered within the site. The automatically collected data by our service will allow to process statistics regarding the webpages frequentation.

Use and Recipients of the collected data

You collected data will be processed for content operation’s needs.

You might receive emails from us, as newsletters. You can request to not receive those by contacting: info@walt-air.fr or using the link located at the end of each email you’ll receive.

Data Secure

You are informed that your information could be communicated in case of a a law enforcement, justice decision, or any ruling or judiciary authority or if necessary in order for the Editor to maintain and protect his rights and interests.

Data conservation length

Data are stocked at the host of the site https://www.iflyinnovation.com’ which details are mentioned in the Legal Mentions of the site and are kept for the strictly necessary duration of the accomplishments targeted. After this time, they will be preserved in order to use them strictly for statistics purposes and will not be used from any use or purpose whatsoever.

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