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The Registration software iFly 3.0 InnovationTM leads the express and unreserved acceptance by the latter of these General Terms and excludes the application of any different or contrary provisions that may appear on business documents or the terms and conditions of purchase Customer.

In case of ambiguity and / or inconsistency between these Terms and any other materials on the Site iFly 3.0 InnovationTM called “https://www.iflyinnovation.com” these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Walt’Air Solutions SASU holds marketing rights to the iFly InnovationTM 3.0 software.

These Terms and Conditions apply to:

  • all orders received by the company SASU Walt’Air Solutions for service iFly 3.0 InnovationTM, whether from training organizations.
  • periods of free use, possibly granted by Walt’Air Solutions SASU its prospects for them to become familiar with the software and iFly 3.0 InnovationTM

The information contained in the pages of the site https://www.iflyinnovation.com, presentation, features and prices are given for information only, Walt’Air SASU Solutions may be required to change them at any time without notice.

The acceptance of the Customer and the formation of the Contract are materialized by his electronic signature, embodied by the “approval click” when creating an account for an aircraft structure. This electronic signature handwritten signature value between the parties. This approach is equivalent to the Customer acknowledge that he has read and understood and approve unreservedly all the conditions listed below. Except as specifically provided in these Terms and Conditions, the order signed electronically by the Client through the “validation click” when creating the account of the structure, is worth final order and can not be retracted. Under these conditions, the company SASU Walt’Air Solutions invites Customers who have logged on its website https://www.iflyinnovation.com to read the Conditions of Sale below.

Please note that this document is provided as is in order to ease understanding of the terms applicable on iFly 3.0 Innovation, but has no legal value (only the French version is applicable by law). In case of ambiguity and / or inconsistency between these Terms and the french version, only the french version shall prevail.

Article 1 – Definitions

by Hereinafter:

Customer” means any person or entity representing a training organization who registered on the site for consideration or free of charge to use the software iFly 3.0 InnovationTM in compliance with the Terms.

Contract” means the contract assembly constituted by the Client site registration https://www.iflyinnovation.com to use iFly 3.0 InnovationTM software and acceptance of these Terms.

Publisher” means a person, legal or natural, responsible for editing and content of the Website.

Software iFly 3.0 InnovationTM” or “Software” Software Solutions proposed by Walt’Air SASU used by Customers and Users using Internet technology.

Training organization” structure (company, association, company, etc …) offering to aeronautics related training in a general sense (practical training and / or theoretical).

Products“: all services (intangible) that it is possible to buy or to which it is possible to subscribe on the website or directly from the company Walt’Air Solutions.

Site” or “Service“: the https://www.iflyinnovation.com website and all its pages.

User“: the user attached to a customer using the Site or any of its products.

Article 2 – Legal imposed by the trust in the digital economy law, object of the site and identification of the parties

This site is edited by the company Walt’Air Formations SASU with a capital of € 1,500, registered in RCS Saint-Quentin (France) in the directory SIREN under number 813 698 875, APE 6201Z with its registered office at 7, rue Poncelet, 02450 Fesmy le Sart (France).

No. VAT: FR 69 813 698 875.

The site is hosted by DigitalOcean, 101 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor, New York, NY10013 including storage of all data, application servers and storing all data are hosted in the datacenter in Amsterdam (NL).

The purpose of this Site is determined to “online sales”.

The site is free access to any Internet user. The acquisition of a good or service, or create a member area, or more generally the site navigation https://www.iflyinnovation.com implies acceptance by the user, completeness of these terms, which recognizes the same actually have read and understood. This acceptance will be for the user, check the box next to the phrase acceptance of these terms, eg, having the words “I have read and accept the terms of use.” Ticking this box will be deemed to have the same value as a handwritten signature from the user. The user recognizes the value of evidence of automatic recording systems of the publisher of this site and, except for him to bring evidence to the contrary, he gave up the contest in case of dispute. The acceptance of these terms implies the part of users they enjoy the legal capacity necessary for this. If it is minor, am authorized guardian or guardian or legal representative. The conditions will be those in effect on the user’s subscription date to the service offered by the Site. The Publisher reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time.

Article 3 – Characteristics of the Services offered

The services and products offered are those on the https://www.iflyinnovation.com site.

The publisher makes available to its customers a service for access to an online software for tracking aircraft formations: iFly 3.0 InnovationTM.

Use of the Software iFly 3.0 InnovationTM possible after the Customer has registered on the site. The Editor will check the data provided by the Customer and validate the registration.

The software can be modified based on improvements or updates made without notice to Customers.

It is expressly stated that the Publisher provides software but do not in any way substitute for any function of the Client company. The advice Editor issue are given only for the use of the Software and in any case for the organization or the management of its Clients.

The photographs, screen shots or other elements reflect a true picture of the software and the services offered but are not binding to the extent that they can not ensure a perfect similarity or that the Service may be subject to changes.

The present site support service is available by email at the following address: info@walt-air.fr or by post to the following address: 7, rue Poncelet, 02450 Fesmy le Sart – France which case the Publisher agrees to respond within 7 days.

Article 4 – Rates

The Product prices are indicated in the “Rates” section of the site https://www.iflyinnovation.com

The prices displayed on the site and other documents are without taxes in euros, without taking into account the VAT applicable on the date of the order.

The Publisher reserves the right to pass any change in the VAT rate on the price of the Products or Services.

The publisher also reserves the right to change prices at any time. Nevertheless, the price listed on the site https://www.iflyinnovation.com the day of the order shall be applicable only to new customers.

In case of change of prices:

For ongoing license contracts whose price was changed, the new tariff will come into force after 6 months from the publication of the new rates.

4.1 – Detail Rates
  • License iFly 3.0 Innovation: €16,58 per month with no commitment or €165,83 per year.
  • Booklet progression for training (non professional license) :€37,50 for the registration of a student in training. Billing is unique for training practice or theoretical training. Are concerned the (partial list): training the Patent License Base, Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL), Private Pilot License (PPL), Touring Motor Glider (TMG) and all licenses privately (ULM, glider, helicopter, balloon, hang gliding, etc…), Skill Level (DNC), Retractable Undercarriage (RU), Variable Pitch (VP), Tail Wheel (TW), night rating, aerobatics, let machine mountain, site qualification, Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Flight Management System (FMS), Flight Instructor (FI), the Road instrument Rating (EIR), Competency Based Training instrument Rating (CB-IR), Multi Engine (ME), Type of Qualification (TQ), Class of Qualification (QC), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS ), Drone. Invoices are issued upon registration of a student pilot in training one time. Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) or other formations including various qualifications (CPL-IR-ME-MCC-QT-CRM) and / or pilot licenses for professional on quote.
  • Services: Software has been developed for the Customer does not need additional services. However, Publisher can intervene at the request of the Customer, for example (non-exhaustive list), for the training of integration, adding devices, the staff grip on site or in shared office, etc … All Customer demand will be an estimate.
Article 5 – Customer and User

Customer registered the site has the ability to access it by logging in with their username and password (e-mail address specified during registration and password). The Client is fully responsible for the protection of the password he has chosen. It is encouraged to use complex passwords. If password forgotten, the Customer has the option to generate a new one. This password is the guarantee of confidentiality of information contained in the “My Account” section and the “training organization” and therefore the Customer agrees not to transmit it, to communicate it to a third party or leave the access to another user as himself. The Publisher reserves the right to remove without notice or compensation, the Customer or its Users if the points mentioned above have not been respected.

Otherwise, the site will not be held liable for unauthorized access to a user account.

The publisher has set up a constraint on the password features to raise the level of security.

Creating a personal space is a prerequisite to any subscription or Customer’s contribution on this site. To this end, the customer will be asked to provide certain personal information. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate information.

Data collection is to create a “member account”. This account allows the customer to check the products entered on the site and subscriptions that the Customer holds. If the data in the “My Account” or “training organization” were to disappear as a result of a technical failure or force majeure, responsibility for the site and its editor could not be committed, this information having no probative value but only an informative character. Pages to the accounts Users are freely printable by the account holder in question, but does not constitute proof, they have only informative for effective management of subscriptions and possible contributions of the member.

The conditions mentioned above also apply to users.

The Publisher reserves the exclusive right to delete the account of any User or Client who have breached these terms and conditions (including, without this example has any exhaustive) where the member has knowingly provided false information when his registration and / or the creation of personal space. Said removal is not likely to be damage to the excluded user or customer who may not claim any compensation from this fact. This exclusion does not exclude the possibility for the Editor, to undertake judicial proceedings against the User or Client, when the facts have warranted.

Article 6 – Exemption from liability of the Publisher in connection with the execution of this contract

In case of inability to access the site due to technical problems or any kind, the User or Client may not claim injury and will not be entitled to any compensation. The unavailability, even prolonged period without any limitation, one or more products and / or services can not be constitutive of injury to users and can not possibly give rise to the award of damages to the part of the Site or its publisher. The photographs and visual products on the Site have no contractual nature, the responsibility of the editor of this website can not therefore be undertaken when the characteristics of the objects are different visuals on the Site or if they are incorrect or incomplete.

The hyperlinks on this Site may refer to other websites and the responsibility of the publisher of this website can not be held if the contents of these sites contravene the laws. Also, the responsibility of the publisher of this website can not be held if the visit by the User or Client, one of these sites, caused him damage.

Article 7 – Geographical Limitation of Use

The use of site services is global.

Article 8 – Intellectual property rights relating to information published on this site

All elements of this site belongs to the publishing company, the company Walt’Air Solutions SASU. Any copy textual content, pictographic or videos, without this list is not exhaustive, is strictly prohibited and is akin to counterfeiting. Any member who is found guilty of counterfeiting would likely see their account deleted without notice or compensation and without this suppression may be it does constitute damage, without subject to any subsequent judicial proceedings against him, the initiative the publisher of this website or its agent.

Customers are offered the option of contributing to the content of this site, for example by posting comments on social networks.

Contributors are advised that the Site Editor, represented if necessary by moderators may choose to publish reviews of the contribution in question on the newsletters of this site and the sites of its partners, for application by the publisher to quote the pseudonym of the author of the contribution. The contributor therefore waives its rights to the content of the contributions for the benefit of, products, for any distribution or use, even commercial, on the internet support, this, of course, always respecting the authorship of author of the contribution.

Article 9 – Brand

The brand and logo of the Software contained in the site are https://www.iflyinnovation.com filed by Mr. Walter DUBOIS, software designer. Anyone making representation, reproduction, nesting, distribution and redistribution incurs the sanctions provided for in Articles L.713-2 and following of the Code of intellectual property.

Article 10 – Disclaimer

The publisher of the Site, including in the process, is bound by an obligation of means; his liability can not be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, intrusion, viruses, interruption of service or other.

The publisher shall not be held liable for breach of contract, due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure and in particular in case of total or partial strike of external services or disasters caused by floods or fires. Regarding products purchased, the Publisher shall not be liable for all damages because of this, business interruption, loss of profit, damage or expense that might arise. The choice and the subscription to a product are under the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The Customer expressly acknowledges https://www.iflyinnovation.com use the Website at their own risk and under his sole responsibility. The website provides information Clients indication, with flaws, errors, omissions, inaccuracies and other ambiguities that may exist. In any event, the Publisher shall in no event be liable:

  • any direct or indirect, in particular as regards loss of profits, loss of profits, loss of customers, among other data that can result from the use of https://www.iflyinnovation.com Site or on the contrary of the impossibility of its use
  • a malfunction, unavailability of access, misuse, improper configuration of the user’s computer, or to the use of a little-used browser by the user
  • the content of advertisements and other links or external sources accessible by the User from the Site https://www.iflyinnovation.com

The Publisher reserves the right to discontinue marketing the software. The Customer will be notified by any means and will continue to have access to the software for the duration of the subscription to which it has subscribed or will have at least a one-month notice before access to the software is finally interrupted.

The Client shall take, in this period the safeguard provisions of its data and those of its users. The cessation of the marketing of a product or service by the Publisher shall not give rise to any compensation or any compensation from the Publisher to the Customer.

Article 11 – Use of Cookies

A “Cookie” allows the identification of the user of a site, customizing consultation of the site and the acceleration of the display of the site through the recording of a data file on his computer. Https://www.iflyinnovation.com the Site may use “cookies” mainly for:

  • providing navigation statistics to improve the experience of the user,
  • allow access to a member account and to content that is not accessible without connection.

The Customer and its users acknowledge being informed of this practice and authorizes the Publisher’s website to use it.

The website is committed to never disclose the content of these “Cookies” to third parties, except where legally required. Customer and its Users may refuse “cookies” recording or configure their browser to be warned prior to sense the “Cookies”.

To do this, the Customer and its Users will find the settings of their browser on these pages (French version):

Article 12 – Conditions for access to the solution

This website provides the customer a solution on its servers, accessible through the Internet.

The various solutions proposed programs and related subscription terms are shown on the offers pages.

The site performs the backup and data security.

The Site grants the Customer and its Users a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-use solutions and online documentation, for the duration of the contract and for the world.

The Customer and its users can use the application services and solutions according to their needs and their documentation. In particular, the license solutions is only granted for the sole purpose of enabling Customer service use, to the exclusion of any other purpose.

The right of use means the right to represent and implement application services as intended, SaaS (“Software as a Service” software as a service) via a connection to a communications network e. Customer and its Users will under no circumstances put the solutions available to a third party, and strictly prohibit any other use, in particular any adaptation, modification, translation, arrangement, distribution, decompilation, without this list being restrictive.

If the site implements a minimum subscription commitment for some of its deals, it will be stated clearly and distinctly on the offer page of the Site.

Article 13 – Access to the website

The https://www.iflyinnovation.com Website is accessible at least 23 hours on 24, 7 days 7 unless noted otherwise on the site.

The liability of the Publisher can not be held due to a technical unavailability of the connection, whether due notably to a force majeure, a maintenance, updating, modification of the site, an intervention by the host, an internal or external strike, a network outage, a power failure, or a misconfiguration or using the computer of the user.

The site is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers on computers, tablets and smartphones and The Editor recommends to the Users to do as often as possible the maintenance/purge of the caches of their navigator(s).

The Publisher reserves the right to refuse the presence on its servers, files imported by customers and / or users who are deemed technically non-compliant servers or impairing their performance. 

Article 14 – Mode of subscription to the service and description of the procurement process

The use of iFly InnovationTM 3.0 software is possible after the Customer has registered on the Site.

The Customer will be required to fill out the fields of an order form by filling a number of his personal data and training organization for, necessary to the success of the application. The Customer must check the box relating to the ratification of the Terms and Conditions and click on the submit button.

Once the customer has validated the order form, a wait message will be displayed.

The Editor will check the data provided by the Customer when the subscription request and validate registration. The Customer will be notified by email and can start using the software to open the service to its users. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse the subscription request to the Products and Services to a Client without giving any justifications.

The prices listed on the site agreed in Euros, without taxes. These prices can be changed at any time by the publisher, it is the Customer to check the conformity of prices during the application.

The iFly InnovationTM 3.0 software includes:

  • a lease to Customer monthly or annual license for access to services
  • invoiced to the use of the Customer Users.

The publisher provides software that is an aid in monitoring for aeronautical training.

It is up to the Customer to build its own training programs, assessment systems and / or notation, used materials such as appliances, simulator or other materials, and manage and validate alone, or with any other user authorized by its care, enrollment of users or any other action for the purpose of tracking for its training organization.

The publisher is not liable for any integrated by Customer content. Only the Customer is responsible for the compliance of its training programs integrated into the software whether or not registered with the competent authority.

Article 15 – Provision

The availability of the service (otherwise known delivery) requires a short time. The Editor will check the data provided by the Client. This period shall not exceed seven days, however.

Any claim not made in the rules defined in the section dedicated to these Conditions and the time limits could not be taken into account and the company Walt’Air Solutions SASU any responsibility towards the Client. Upon receipt of a valid claim, the company the company Walt’Air Solutions SASU communicate by email, fax or phone to Customer repayment terms or modification of the order.

Article 16 – Duration of Contract & User License
16.1 – License

The Contract “License” begins on the date of validation of the Customer. It is subscribed for the duration that will select the Customer. The Contract minimum duration is one month for monthly subscriptions and one year for annual subscriptions and details of the license are stipulated on the Site.

After this period, the contract will be automatically renewed for the same term than originally purchased by the customer.

The Customer may nevertheless decide at any time to remove the automatic renewal of the Agreement by giving at least 30 days before the end date of the Contract.

To do this, he will send a letter to the registered office of the Publisher, with acknowledgment of receipt.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to anticipate the end of a subscription period whose consequences would be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

16.2 – User

The Contract “User” is the number of users of the Client and is billed as stated on the website https://www.iflyinnovation.com according to subscribe services.

The “User” Contract for basic training (monthly billing) takes effect on the day the Customer assigns a User training. The period of consideration for billing applies throughout the first month of the assignment to the relevant basic training and ends the month the Client closed the question of user training. A user can be registered in two (or more) basic training. The number of days of use or non-use is not taken into account. For advanced training, billing is unique (the term is not taken into account) as soon as the Client has assigned a User to advanced training. No refund will be made (non-exhaustive) in case of abandonment, from the User.

The Customer has only the opportunity to break at any time a contract for its users because it is he who organizes the management of its users in its training organization. The Customer, may delegate some roles related to the profile of some users by assigning permissions in the profile of its members to be assist in tasks. These users are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Article 17 – Electronic Digital Signature

Use of the Software requires an electronic digital signature to ensure compliance of the lessons contained in the Client’s training with User Authentication.

This system is based on asymmetric cryptography via the management of a public key infrastructure (and private key) and is automatically generated for each user of the Customer upon registration to the Software.

Caution Editor: to maintain the authenticity of the document seen legal point (following lessons for example), this document is digitally signed and constitutes a frustrating change from the Editor, the Customer and its Users of the document to ensure the legal value of the document signed by the Users.

Article 18 – Payment Information

The various solutions proposed programs and their corresponding subscription prices are presented on the pages of offers or rates of the Site. The precise site on these pages if billing is the day, month, year, or according to a fixed level of resource utilization, or any other means of access specified on the page itself.

When subscribing to a subscription to the License, the Publisher issues an invoice to the Client.

Then the Publisher will issue a monthly bill based on consumption of the Customer Users and additional consumption of the month related to the use of certain additional modules or services.

The Client has the option to pay bills using the following payment methods:

  • by check in euros drawn on a French bank. The check should be made payable to Walt’Air Solutions SASU and sent to the following address: Walt’Air Solutions SASU, 7 rue Poncelet 02450 Fesmy-le-Sart – France.
  • by bank transfer: Walt’Air Solutions SASU provide the Customer, at his request, an IBAN

All potential unpaid fees will be billed to clients.

All invoices issued by the Publisher are payable upon receipt. However, the Customer has a period of 30 calendar days to complete its regulations. Beyond this period, the Publisher reserves the right to suspend access to its services until payment of all sums owed by Customer Solutions Walt’Air SASU.

An agreement between the Publisher and the Customer may be in place at time of application, if specific offers are needed.

In addition the Publisher reserves the right to terminate the Contract in accordance with these Terms.

Any invoice not paid when due shall bear interest as of right without prior notice to one and half times the legal rate.

The Customer undertakes to inform the Publisher of any change in its postal and bank details or any other information necessary to trade relations between the Client and the Publisher.

Article 19 – Modification of account

The Customer may change online features and details of registration, that of his training and his Users Organization in the case of an Administrator.

The Customer has the possibility to modify online the characteristics and information of his registration, that of his Training Organization in the case of an Administrator

This means that it can:

  • change its information
  • manage the rights of its trainers and users.
Article 20 – Change Client: natural person

In case of death, or any other reason making an incapacity of the natural person representing the Customer to continue the management and organization of software for own training organization to which he belongs / belonged, the training organization shall, this case to know the new representative of the physical training organization with Walt’Air Solutions SASU to make a change for the continuity of services.

Article 21 – Account Closure

Each customer site is free to close his account. For this, the member must submit a contact@walt-air.fr to e-mail indicating that he wants to delete his account.

However, the Customer will have an ongoing commitment will not be entitled to any refund.

The recovery of their data by the Client is possible under the conditions specified in the section of these Conditions regarding the restitution of data.

Users of the Client are managed exclusively by itself which means that the Publisher does not intervene in the management of the number of Client Users

Article 22 – Termination

In accordance with Article L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the Publisher provides access to an online tool to initial billing and / or regular on terms specified in the section specifying the information on the payment of these Conditions, the site is eligible for withdrawal, but this can cause the refund of the amount already paid for the time already elapsed. It will therefore be a cancellation, with cancellation of the contract and therefore of future regulations. And the acceptance of these conditions renders the acceptance of loss, therefore, the statutory right of withdrawal set at above-said article.

In case of default by one party (or Client Site Editor) its contractual obligations, the Contract will be automatically terminated by the other party after sending a formal notice by registered letter with return receipt unheeded. The notice will indicate or shortcomings.

In the event of termination, the Site notify the Customer of the next termination of his membership with the consequences for the training organization and its users, the customer will stop using all access solutions and application services codes.

The total or partial inability to use the Service in particular due to incompatibility of equipment can give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or questioning the responsibility of the publisher, except in the case of a hidden defect found, non-conformity, defect or exercise the right of withdrawal. In case of non-availability of a command or a control part, the customer has up to six months (from the date access to the online service) to manifest. Beyond this period no claim will be accepted.

Article 23 – Archiving

The publisher archive invoices on a reliable and durable as a true copy in accordance with article 1348 of the Civil Code. The records will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

Article 24 – Restoration of the data

Upon termination of the contractual relationship, whatever the cause, the Site undertakes to destroy or return, whichever the customer at the first application thereof by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, all the data belonging to it in a standard format readable without difficulty in an environment equivalent; possibly the precise format of the data may be specified during exchanges between the website and the Customer. Customer actively work with the site to facilitate data recovery.

Article 25 – Reference

Unless otherwise agreed, the Publisher can cite the name of the Client on any document, electronic or other, for reference.

Article 26 – Miscellaneous Provisions

These Conditions are subject to the application of French law. They can be modified at any time by the Publisher of the website or its agent. The Terms and Conditions applicable to customers are those at the day of subscription to a service on this Site.

The site editor agrees to keep older versions of these Conditions in case of changes and send them to any customer who so requests.

Unless public order provisions, all disputes that may arise in connection with the execution of these terms may before any legal action to be submitted to the appreciation of the editor of the site for a settlement. It is expressly stated that the settlement of claims do not suspend the time limits allowed for instituting legal proceedings. Unless otherwise provided, public order, any legal action relating to the performance of this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal before.

If any provision of these Conditions were to be declared invalid by a court, such invalidity shall not entail the invalidity of all other clauses, which continue to produce their effect.

Article 27 – Supervision conditions

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable the Terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. These Conditions describe the entire agreement between the Customer and the Publisher. They replace all previous agreements or written or oral contemporaries. The Terms are not assignable, transferable or sub-licensable by Customer itself or other Users.

A printed version of the Terms and all notices given in electronic form may be requested in judicial or administrative proceedings in connection with the Terms. The parties agree that all correspondence relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be in French. 

Article 28 – Notifications

Any notice or notice of these General Terms, the Legal Notice or Privacy Statement must be made in writing and must be delivered by hand, registered or certified mail, by post or other courier service nationally recognized which allows to regularly monitor its packages to the following address: 7, rue Poncelet, 02450 Fesmy le Sart – France or e-mail to contact@walt-air.fr, stating your full name, address and subject of the notice.

Article 29 – Inaccuracies

It may be possible that there are, on the whole of the Site and services offered, and to a limited extent, inaccuracies or errors, or information that is in disagreement with the General Conditions, Imprint or Charter Personal data. In addition, it is possible that unauthorized modifications are made by third parties on the Site or related services (social networks …). We strive for this kind of deviation is corrected.

In the event that such a situation would escape us, thank you for contacting us at the following address: 7, rue Poncelet, 02450 Fesmy Sart – France or e-mail to contact@walt-air.fr, if possible a description of the error and the location (URL), as well as sufficient information to enable us to contact you. For inquiries on copyright it is appropriate to refer to the section of this document concerning intellectual property.

Article 30 – Complaints

Any claim relating to the use of the Site, its services or any other related service pages of the Site and on any social networks where the General Conditions Legal Notice or Privacy Statement must be filed within 365 days the original date of the claim source problem, regardless of any statute or law to the contrary. In the event that such a claim was not filed within 365 days of such claim will forever be unenforceable in court.

Article 31 – Freedom of Information Act

According to Article 34 of the Data Protection Act Customers and prospects who transmitted personal information to the company Walt’Air Solutions SASU have a right to access, rectify, modify and delete information the concern.

All Clients and prospects can exercise this right by writing to the registered office of Walt’Air SASU Solutions at: 7 rue Poncelet 02450 Fesmy le Sart – France.

© iFly 3.0 InnovationTM – All rights reserved – July, 2017