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Frequently asked questions

The pilot follow-up booklet, iFly 3.0 Innovation, is a software used for the follow-up of aeronautical trainings. Our software is the digitalization of what we already know: the paper follow-up booklet.

Less paper, less lost or forgetfulnesses, traceability problem, long filling process, etc. are the reasons why iFly 3.0 Innovation is born.

But also an image of modernity of the training organization.

The software is a tool for the flight instructors and their students, it allows the replacement of the paper version of the follow-up booklet.

Any training is supported. Whether private (BB-LAPL-PPL-SPL-TMG-VDN-Aerobatic-etc.)  or professionnal (CPL-IR-FI-ATPL-QT-EFIS-FMS-MCC-CBIR-MEP-etc.), iFly 3.0 Innovation accepts all the trainings and allows to prorogate/renew licences for any licence and qualification.

We have ATO clients who are in France and abroad.

It is a question that clients often ask us. The aeronautical administration will never approve a software, because only (your) training programs will be approved.

iFly 3.0 Innovation is universal, the platform conforms to your requirements : the content of YOUR training, YOUR rating/appreciation system, whatever it is. As such, the follow-up booklets are 100% coform to the programs submitted to the civil aviation administration.

Further, the platform allows you to have :

  • A complete traceability of your training organization with the digital signature of the flight instructor and its student
  • A legal archive
  • The retrieval of the follow-up booklets (possibility to print and/or save in pdf format).

Yes, you can create your training directly on the platform.

Our point of view is that you must never adapt yourself to a software !

Indeed, some solutions force you to change your training program and your rating system for example. With iFly 3.0 Innovation, you will be allowed to respect your program as the software will conform to the content of your training program. The answer is then: Yes !

No. The European context doesn’t allow to have a reference training program where all the training organization conform to one training. We preferred to opt for a universal solution that allows the creation of any training program.

It is for this reason that iFly 3.0 Innovation is universal, thus the customization to any – existing or not – training program.

Yes. Because we perfectly know the aeronautical field and the complexity in the follow-up.

Don’t worry, you may nevertheless jump into the digital world with our follow-up solution, because it will conform to any existing reality, including yours. Don’t wait further !!!

Contact us and let’s talk because the aeronautical training is our job.

Your choice for a digital solution should be guided by the actual possibilities offered by such software.

iFly 3.0 Innovation is a platform that is fully customizable according to all your requirements (trainings, ratings, appreciation, aircrafts, etc.). The added value of the booklet must allow to be flexible as it is in the reality, because we know that the instruction activity is full of unexpected events.

See here after « And in practice, what may I do ? ».

Everything ! iFly 3.0 Innovation reflects the reality of the daily activity of the instructor and it is very intuitive.

The booklets are archived on our highly secured servers during 5 years. It is not possible to falsify them and they have a legal value. And they may be exported at any time.

Obviousely not. We know that in the daily activity an instructor may work in more than one training organization. In the same way, instructors  may work as instructor and be students as well in order to gain additional qualifications, in the same training organization or anywhere else. A student may also be member of more than one organization.

iFly 3.0 Innovation handles the multi-profiles with one account and as such with one e-mail address.

Yes of course !

We do a presentation of the software on request by trainings organizations.

We also have an url for a direct access that allows clients to connect directly on the presentator computer in case of shared desktop session.

iFly 3.0 Innovation is also a pedagogic tool. Documents may be made available to your students pilots. Such documents can be attached to :

  • your aircrafts : flight manual, check-lists, mass and balance
  • your trainings : program, lesson’s briefing.

Yes absolutely and it is FREE !

Just contact us here and the access will be totally functional.

Our prices are transparent and are displayed on our internet site.

Further, our prices have been carefully studied at the launch of the software on January 10, 2016 and don’t have any difference between associations or companies.

The « 3.0 » refers to the Web 3.0, that is iFly 3.0 Innovation has been developed to be accessed on any device : computers, tablets and smartphones.

The platform has an SSL-EV certificate, which is the highest existing level of security. This is represented by « the green bar », which is the level above the https. With this level, you will have the warranty for the security of your data, and also about the identity of our company that sells the digital solution. Further, all the data are encrypted and replicated in real-time on a distant server.