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Manage all your aeronautical trainings!

From private pilot to professional license

For which training organizations?

iFly 3.0 InnovationTM is the online Flight Training Management Software, fully customizable from associative to professional activity.

Plane, helicopter, Ultra-light, balloon, glider, drone, etc.


Using iFly 3.0 InnovationTM means benefitting from a digital Flight Training Management Software that meets the requirements of your training organization!

Our digital tool is customizable according to your training…

Your trainings
Your lessons content
Your rating system
Your appreciation system

iFly 3.0 Innovation: the technological evidence

Why iFly 3.0 Innovation?

To simplify your work

Designed by Walt’Air Solutions, iFly 3.0 InnovationTM is the Flight Training Management Software that facilitates the daily management, monitoring of student pilots training and archiving for 5 years or more in Approved Training Organizations as well as other flying schools.

In the context of flying school, the digital follow-up booklet is the missing link to complete the full digitalization of aeronautical structures. At the moment, we find a park of machines of last generation with a “Glass Cockpit” instrumentation, composite materials, simulators more realistic than reality, pilot trainings that professionalize even in the activity of leisure while they still rely on obsolete paper processes and/or spreadsheet…

Our vision is that innovation has to be up to the current technology and that she does not have to be a brake by crossing the step to the digitalization of training follow-up.

We all faced those inconveniences: the paper storage that accumulates, missing accessibility in a research for a given case, forgetting or loosing a notebook that contains the follow-up of a student or even worst, not remembering at which point is the student in his training…

Adopting iFly 3.0 InnovationTM means having a simple, elegant and powerful tool under the hand. All the information is available in a click, in particular the situation “at first glance” of the student-pilot in his training.

The legal archiving of the follow-up booklet is compulsory and with iFly 3.0 InnovationTM, we guarantee it during 5 years!

iFly 3.0 InnovationTM is a technology which “works, simply” and which is as closely as possible to what the head of the flying school, the head of training, the Instructors and student-pilots find in the daily reality.

Furthermore there is no need to adapt the type of your training to the possibilities of iFly 3.0 InnovationTM because it is the software that allows to create your programs on the platform without the necessity to upload a “spreadsheet”, which represents a real danger of crash of the application.


The Flight Training Management Software the most…
Do not change the way you operate! With iFly you will continue to work as you are used to.
No IT vision! The conception of iFly required more than two years and was thought by a professional instructor.
Offer your future student pilots the possibility to use a new generation tool for all your aeronautical trainings.
Your student pilots will appreciate the storage of the documents attached to your aircrafts and your trainings (checklist, mass and balance, briefing, etc.)
Easy to use tools for training, for the management of training organizations and many others will strengthen the current platform.


Ready to enter into digital world?
Unparalleled flexibility
Guarantee for Traceability
Accessibility 24/7 all supports
Student pilot companion
Universe at the highest level of security
The best of numerical experiences in the follow-up pilots trainings

iFly 3.0 InnovationTM is the Flight Training Management Software fully customizable according your actual training activity.


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