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About us

Professionals who know your needs

Designer of the software

CEO and founder of the company Walt’Air Solutions, Walter designed the iFly 3.0 InnovationTM software to meet the expectations of instructors in their daily practice. Pilot since his youngest age, his route brought him to discover very young a rising passion in the transmission of the knowledge. He develops naturally his ambitions in the aeronautical environment and concretizes his actions with an entrepreneurial spirit, ideas full the head to develop the learning and the passion for aviation.

CPL and Flight Instructor for more than 15 years, Head of training of the flying school of Maubeuge and Aisne, BIA and CAEA Trainer, Fire Fighter Pilot on Air-Tractor AT-802 for the company AVIALSA T-35 SL (European leader in fire fighting), 5000 hours of flight.

The team

iFly 3.0 InnovationTM is made by a multidisciplinary team of partners with an experience in the aeronautics and IT environment to make this software, the innovative software for the management of the follow-up booklet. Walter is accompanied:

  • at the head of strategy and development: a private pilot and ATPL student, holder of a Master’s degree in information systems management from the university of Namur (Belgium), holder of Bachelor Degree from the polytechnic faculty at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), former professor of information systems analysis at EPHEC (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales), and who has gained several years of management experiences in international consulting companies
  • a team of engineers who worked on iFly 3.0 Innovation made of an analyst, a project manager, a software architect, an expert in IT security (computing, cryptography, server administration), quality assurance and testing specialists, front-end and back-end developers, a database specialist.